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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Oct 23, 2019

This is a very unique and special interview. Bobbi Gibb is the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon. A literal trailblazer.  But also so much more than that.

Bobbi is a true Renaissance Woman. She is an author, artist and lawyer. She is very spiritual, and passionately interested in a wide range of subjects including economics, politics, natural systems, science and the phenomenon recursive consciousness. 

All of which we get to talk about!

I met Bobbi in Rockport, Massachusetts where she lives. It's a small seaside town outside of Boston. Just what you'd picture a small seaside town outside of Boston to look like. Very Americana.

We walked through the town and along the beach. You'll be able to hear the ocean and seagulls, which perfectly complement so much of what Bobbi has to say.  It's simply perfect.  


At the end, we also get a special treat by visiting her art studio where she paints and sculpts.  Bobbi has been commissioned by the BAA to create a sculpture of herself running the Boston Marathon.  The statue will be bronzed and, fittingly, will be the first statue of a woman placed on the Boston Marathon course. 

Here's a link where you can see the sculpture and Bobbi's other work, which becomes especially meaningful when you hear her describe it.

A big thank you to Bobbi for taking the time walk and share so much with all of us.


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