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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Oct 18, 2018

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Meet Kelly Roberts, run influencer, blogger and founder of She Can And She Did, a platform dedicated to redefining what strength looks and feels like.

Kelly rocks. And she's one of the most important voices in the running community.

I first met her a few years ago, when we collaborated on a campaign for HOKA.  Back then, she had established herself as an influencer with her blog and podcast: Run, Selfie, Repeat, where she gave short weekly pep talks to all the runners who were taking their first step, setting scary goals, and enjoying the struggle.

However, through that journey, Kelly learned a lot about herself, the running community, female empowerment and more.  Which is why she has grown her blog and podcast into a far more substantial platform.

I really enjoyed this run with Kelly.  We ran from Manhattan, over the Brooklyn Bridge and into Brooklyn where she gave me a tour of her stomping grounds.

I'm extra excited to release it too. Because after we first recorded it in January, I uploaded it to my computer and the file was somehow corrupted. I couldn't figure out how to repair it and thought it was lost forever.

But I just stumbled across an article that showed me how to do it. So I was able to recover the file and share it now with all of you.

Thank goodness for that!

And thanks to Kelly for sharing her story and insight with all of us. #EveryMileMatters!

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