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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Feb 29, 2024

Maria Baltazzi is an Emmy Award winning television producer, traveler, marathon walker who raises money for cancer charities, author and longtime Charity Miler with over 8500 Charity Miles!  

Maria recently wrote a book called "Take a Shot at Happiness" which invites and coaches us to explore happiness in our own lives.

While Maria discovered that her own "happiness essentials" include faith, self-love and physical health, she encourages people to explore and understand their own personal meanings of happiness.

She also draws from her experience as a producer on shows like Survivor to help us all think like storytellers to script, perform in and capture our own reality shows of happiness.

Thank you to Maria for sharing so much with us.

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Here are some noteworthy timestamps for the interview....

02:59 Maria's Journey with Charity Miles
04:08 Maria's Role on Survivor and Connection to Ethan Zohn
06:19 Maria's Transition from Producer to Author
06:46 Understanding Happiness through Survivor
08:27 Maria's Personal Journey to Happiness
09:19 The Role of Storytelling in Happiness
10:06 The Power of Photography in Capturing Happiness
17:06 The Impact of Storytelling on Personal Behavior
25:40 The Foundational Three Elements of Happiness
29:07 Exploring the Concept of Happiness
30:00 Making a Choice for Happiness
31:04 The Role of Education in Happiness
31:47 Personalizing Your Happiness Essentials
33:09 The Importance of Exploration in Happiness
35:13 The Role of Faith in Happiness
37:21 The Problem with Prescriptive Self-Help Books
38:18 Understanding Happiness as a Choice
45:53 Practical Steps to Cultivate Happiness
51:48 The Connection Between Happiness and Resilience