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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

May 1, 2023

In this episode, we speak with Casper Ter Kuile, an author, speaker, consultant and former fellow at the Harvard Divinity School who explores how we make meaning, deepen our relationships, and experience beauty.

Casper is the author of The Power of Ritual, and the co-founder of The Nearness, Sacred Design Lab and the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

In today's interview, we focus on Casper's book, The Power of Ritual and how rituals can be an effective tool for connecting us to ourselves, each other, the world around us, and something beyond us-- however you think of that.

We discuss what distinguishes rituals from other types of behaviors like habits and routines, and why rituals can be better than habits for helping us live in accordance with our values.

This is one of my favorite interviews, and I could talk with Casper for hours.  Hopefully we'll get the chance to do so, because I have many more questions I'd love to ask him.

Huge thanks to Casper for sharing so much with us.

Also, big thanks to our partners at Hope Foods.  

May is Mental Health Month and this is our third Mental Health Month where we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Hope.

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Thanks again, Hope Foods, for your dedication to mental health and our long-term partnership.