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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

I was recently introduced to Danny Grossman by a mutual friend. As soon as I heard a bit of his story, I wanted to interview him on the podcast.

Originally from the USA, Danny Grossman served for six years as an F-4 navigator flying fighter aircraft for the US Air Force, earning honors as 9th Air Force “Top Gun”.

After making aliyah to Israel in 1979, Danny served in the IAF for over 20 years, including nearly 200 combat missions, and earned a medal for a strategic reconnaissance mission to Iraq.

After the Air Force, Danny served as Israel Director for the American Jewish Congress. For the past several years, Danny has been an independent consultant for strategic, diplomatic, security and public affairs.  His clients are some of the most influential players in Israel and the U.S., including my former law professor, Alan Dershowitz.

Danny has incredible wisdom to share under any circumstances.  But I was particularly interested in hearing his perspective on the coronavirus.  

Danny did not disappoint, sharing insights not just from his own experiences as a fighter pilot, but also from many other aspects of Israeli history and culture.  

One thing that made a particular impression on me is that Danny pointed out how we were speaking on Israel's Memorial Day-- the most somber day in Israel.  Yet the following day was going to be Israel's Independence Day, the most joyous day in Israel.  I found this dichotomy particularly poignant.  Especially with how COVID-19 cast a shadow on both days.

I was also quite honored that we even did the podcast. Ten minutes before we were scheduled to chat, Danny sent me an email saying he was going to be a few minutes late because his daughter just gave birth to his grandson!  Of course, if we weren't all on the COVID lockdown, Danny would have been in the hospital with his family to celebrate the occasion.  I guess he got the next best thing by recording a Zoom podcast with me.

Big Mazel Tov to Danny and his family!  And a huge thanks for taking the time to share so much with us.