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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

Ethan Zohn is a former professional soccer player who was selected to compete in the third season of Survivor... which he won. 

He used his winnings to start a fantastic non-profit, Grassroots Soccer, which uses soccer to help kids around the world.

Then he developed a rare form of cancer-- which he beat, twice.

Along the way, he played Survivor again (but lost), ran a few marathons, raised a lot of money for charity, and moved up to a beautiful cabin in the New Hampshire woods with his wife.

He recently competed in his third season of Survivor, in which all the contestants are past winners.  Kinda like an All-Star game. The season is airing now, so no spoilers.

I've known Ethan for many years now, and have always admired him.  I've wanted to interview him on the podcast, but it was always hard to coordinate travel to NH to make it happen.

Well, we were planning to do the interview in Boston this week before he ran the Boston Marathon.

But that was obviously canceled due to the coronavirus.

But since the virus has also kicked me into doing our podcast interviews via Zoom we were able to do a walking Zoom podcast in which I walked in NYC and Ethan walked in the beautiful NH woods by his home.  (I'm jealous.)

It was the perfect time to do the interview too.  Because Ethan knows a bit about surviving in times of uncertainty.

Huge thanks to Ethan for sharing so much with us. #EveryMileMatters