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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Jan 6, 2022

Jon Montoya isn't just walking around the world with Charity Miles...

He's walking to all seven wonders of the world.

1. Chichén Itzá El Castillo, in Mexico

2. Machu Pichu, in Peru

3. Christ the Redeemer, in Brazil

4. The Colosseum, in Rome

5.  Petra, in Jordan

6.  The Taj Mahal, in India

7.  The Great Wall of China

It's a 25,000 mile journey that he estimates will take him seven years to complete.

He started last July and has already completed 2,500 miles.  So, he still has a long way to go.

But he as already come very far, and learned quite a bit.

Jon is walking in support of (RED) and to champion the World Health Organizations ambitious and inspiring 2030 Global AIDS Strategy - to eliminate AIDS by 2030.

This may be my favorite interview yet - Jon is just incredible.

Huge thanks to Jon for sharing so much with us and inviting us to be a part of his journey.

>> Here's a link to Jon's YouTube.

>> Here's a link to Jon's Instagram.

>> Here's Jon's email if you'd like to drop him a note: