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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Jun 6, 2024

It’s also a great privilege for me to share today’s interview with Kara Goucher.  Kara is a two-time Olympian, World Championship medalist, and one of the most accomplished and admired long-distance runners of our time. 

Beyond her competitive achievements, Kara is also a passionate advocate for clean sport and gender equity, an inspiring speaker, author, podcaster and NBC broadcaster for track and field.  She’s someone who continues to inspire runners of all levels.

As we’ll talk about in this interview, two years ago, Kara began slipping while she was running.  And after seeing multiple doctors, she was diagnosed with Runner’s Dystonia, a neurological disorder with some similarities to Parkinson’s.  Many of you may remember the interview I did with my friend, and fellow Team Foxer, Justine Galloway, who also has Runner’s Dystonia.  So this is something we’ll also talk about in this episode.

Kara also as a unique and hard-won perspective on the power of brands to affect social change, and the power that we have as people– individually and collectively– to move and work with them to do so.  

Most recently, Kara has partnered with Brooks Running, a brand that holds a very special place in our hearts here at Charity Miles.  Whenever we ask you what brands you want us to partner with, Brooks is always the #1 response.

Which is why we are so thrilled to also be partnering with Brooks this year.

For over a century, Brooks has been propelled by a never-ending curiosity with how humans move.

It drives their every decision and every innovation. Because they believe movement is the key to feeling more alive.

And we’re all moving towards something.

It could be the top of a mountain, a first-ever 5K, or peace of mind after a stressful day.  It could be a cure for Parkinson’s, a cleaner planet, fair play.

So… let’s run there.

With gear and experiences specifically designed to take you to that place.

Whether it’s a headspace, a feeling, or a finish line. Let’s run there.

Head to to learn more.