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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

On this episode of The Extra Mile, I'm joined by my buddy Lars Rasmussen as we take a noisy run through the very cool Brooklyn Navy Yard. Lars is the co-founder and CTO of Weav Run, an app of adaptive music who’s unique technology seamlessly adapts a song's tempo between 100-240 BPM's — all without lessening the quality of the song. This new music format allows artists endless possibilities in designing how a song should sound, feel, and respond to a listener's movements. 

It’s perfect for running. 

Simply put, the faster you run, the faster the music plays to match your steps. It holds a library of 400 songs from artists like The Backstreet Boys, Chainsmokers, Mariah Carey, Camilla Cabello, and hundreds more. Weav also works with artists and their labels to make sure the music works at different speeds and always sounds good. 

The app started in the bedroom (don’t worry, we keep it PG) when Lars and his wife brought in a metronome to enhance the...activities. A bit bored by the monotonous tick-tock, Lars - a software engineer by trade- decided to find the technology to speed up and slowdown music which they felt would be a more interesting alternative with the same effect. Knowing he was onto something, Lars put aside the “bedroom activity” idea and turned his focus on building something bigger. Thus, Weav was born, as was Lars’ love for running. 

Lars wasn’t a runner when he created the app. But developing a running app, he knew he needed to start. When he began to study the sport, he quickly fell in love with it as he learned it’s not just your legs, it’s a whole body experience. Like children who love to run around, connecting with something that comes naturally, has brought a new love into his life. Second to his wife, of course. 

Did I mention Lars was one of the founders of Google Maps? Yeah, you’re going to want to listen to this brilliant man’s story.  


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