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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Jun 5, 2020

Dan Pallotta is one of my heroes.

His book, Uncharitable, dared to challenge the conventions that constrained the way we thought about charity.

His 2013 iconic TED talk has been viewed nearly 5 million times.

My first interview with him a couple of years ago is one of my favorite interviews ever.

And now he's further distilled his insights into The Everyday Philanthropist, a simple, easy-to-understand guide to help us all understand that there’s a better way to do giving.

In this interview, you'll get a small taste of what Dan is about.

It's too good to sum up here.

You'll have to listen.

And then go buy the book.

Seriously, go buy this book.  We're not getting a cut or anything.  But we need everyone to read this.

Here's the link to find it on Amazon.

Big thanks to Dan for helping us all dream bigger.