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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Sep 13, 2023

Today's interview is with Elisabet Lahti, Ph.D., an author, speaker, trainer and expert on the Finnish concept of Sisu.

What is Sisu? Sisu is a Finnish word that most closely translates in English to "grit". 

But if "grit" is the feeling we get when we grit our teeth, Elisabet notes, Sisu is in our guts.  It's in our bodies.  It's gentler.  And yet in its own way very powerful.  

These nuances are not just descriptive semantics. They have important implications for how we can cultivate Sisu and how we can apply it in our own lives.

In this interview, Elisabet shares:

  1. Her Personal Story of Sisu: Elisabet takes us on a personal voyage, revealing the her own challenges and experiences with domestic violence that shaped her profound understanding of Sisu.

  2. Her Epic Journey in New Zealand: Elisabet also takes us on her journey of walking, running and biking the length of New Zealand as part of her dissertation research on the concept of Sisu.

  3. Sisu vs. Resilience and Grit: We dive into the nuances of Sisu and how it sets itself apart from seemingly similar concepts like grit and resilience. Elisabet's perspective sheds light on the subtle yet profound distinctions.

  4. Cultivating Your Sisu: Elisabet generously imparts guidance on how individuals can cultivate and tap into their innate Sisu, empowering themselves to face life's challenges with grace and strength.

To learn more about Elisabet and Sisu, click here.


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