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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Oct 22, 2021

Erin Azar is a Tik Tok star with nearly 700,000 followers!

But she is perhaps an unlikely social media celebrity.  She's not a fast runner.  She doesn't have perfect abs, a spotless kitchen or that one secret trick to whatever.

She's a mom of 3 from rural Pennsylvania who started running a couple of years ago, after the birth of her third child.  

Just a mile a day she thought, as she started documenting her journey on YouTube and then Tik Tok.

At the time, she was just looking for a community of others like her to share the journey with.

But something about her posts struck a chord, and her videos "blew up" (as the kids say) to millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Erin is a breath of fresh air, exactly what the running community-- and social media needs these days.

Special thanks to my friend Kim at AfterShokz for introducing me to Erin.  Kim and her sister, Christy are running the NYC Marathon for Team Fox.  When they told this to Erin, Erin wanted to join to because her father has Parkinson's.

In just the last 2 weeks, Erin has already raised over $40,000 for Team Fox.  And she's not slowing down!

Huge thanks to Erin for supporting Team Fox, and for taking the time to share her story and insights with us.