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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

May 11, 2021

Mark Allen is a legend.

ESPN named him the Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time.

6X winner of the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

First ever winner of the Triathlon World Championships.

Epic 21-race winning streak, at all distances, the longest in triathlon history

But it wasn't just Mark's victories that made him special.

Mark was and is known for his mental game and spirituality.

Which is something that we dive into during this interview: How to quiet the racing mind.

This interview is especially fitting because May is Mental Health Month.

We also just announced our newest member of the Charity Miles family, Active Minds.

Active Minds is one of the premier mental health charities in the world.  It was started by Alison Malmon, 18 years ago, when she lost her brother, Brian to suicide.

Alison recognized that Brian’s story is the story of thousands of people who suffer in silence; who, despite their large numbers, think they are totally alone. 

Wanting to combat the stigma around mental illness, Alison started a student group at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a student.

Active Minds has since grown to more than 800 college campuses, directly reaching close to 600,000 students each year through campus awareness campaigns, events, advocacy, outreach and more. 

Active Minds has also grown outside of the college campus with its newly launched, Active Minds @Work program to help companies create a healthy mental health culture in the workplace.

As I've written and spoken about before, I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression-- and in many ways, still do. 

I've also heard from many in our community on this topic. So I know this is something many of you care deeply about too.

So please help me welcome Active Minds to the Charity Miles family by doing some Charity Miles for them today.

Also, one more quick note—this interview is sponsored by our great partners at Hope Foods.  As you all likely know by now, Hope Foods makes a variety of delicious Cashew & Almond Dips, Hummus, and Guacamole that feature fresh ingredients and bold flavors to elevate the wholesomeness of your favorite dishes and snacks.

Like us, Hope is also deeply committed to mental health.  They aspire to manifest hope by providing food and tools that support your physical and mental well-being, and even have an entire section of their website dedicated to mental health resources.  If you’d like to check that out, please visit

So big thanks to Hope Foods.  And a big welcome to Active Minds.  Now without any further ado, turn up your volume and turn on your charity miles and come along for the walk or run with me and Mark Allen, the greatest endurance athlete of all time.   

>> If you'd like to learn more about Mark, visit his site here.