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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Oct 5, 2023

If you're not joining our live weekly walking meditations, then you're missing out!

We do them on Zoom every week, alternating between Wednesdays and Fridays, at 1PM ET.

Here's a recording of our latest walking meditation, led by Haley Fountain.

Haley is an integrative nutrition coach, yoga teacher and meditation coach in Houston, Texas.

To the point, she's fantastic.

If you enjoy this walking mediation, then keep an eye out for our live meditations which we announce my email to all of our members.

(If you'd like to get those emails, just download the Charity Miles app.)

If you'd like to learn more about Haley, click here.


Also big thanks to our sponsor, Hope Foods, which makes the most delicious and nutritious plant based hummus and dips. 

All Hope Foods products are Organic and/or Non-GMO Project verified, GFCO certified gluten-free, OU-certified kosher, and dairy and soy-free.

Hope Foods is also committed to mental health, which is why they're the perfect partner for our walking meditations.

To learn ore about Hope Foods and explore holistic well-being resources on their website, click here.